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Anxiety is a natural phenomenon that happens in your life to give you a heightened awareness that something is wrong. However, when people are unaware of the origin of their anxiety, it creates stress, fear, and excessive worry. Anxiety can build into obsessive worry about multiple subjects and become a natural way of dealing with obstacles if it is not immediately managed.

For most people with anxiety impacting their daily functioning, it is because they never developed the strategies to identify their original anxiety triggers. As a result, they are now functioning under a normed state of worry about everything. People then begin to think the solution for their worry is external to themselves. the power is with the person to identify, validate, then eliminate the cognitive origin of their anxiety.


Our objective is to utilize Psychoanalytic therapy to assess the root of your anxiety. Once the root of your anxiety is discovered, the next objective is to identify and mitigate current triggers with cognitive behavioral therapy. Finally, these strategies will be utilized to longitudinally mitigate future anxiety successfully.


National Center for Health Statistics: National Health Survey 
From Jan-Dec in 2021, indicate regular feelings of worry, nervousness, or anxiety increased from 11.1% to 12.2% for adults 18 and over.

Adjaye-Gbewonyo, Dzifa &  Boersma, Peter (2021). National Center for Health Statistics Health Interview Survey, 2021, National Center for Health Statistics.

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